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Emergency Guidelines

For non-urgent maintenance requests, please submit a maintenance request via the Resident Portal. For after hours emergency requests, please observe the following guidelines. For after hours maintenance emergency services call (661) 589-6566 and press 2.

True emergencies are defined as:

No Heat in your Apartment

This is only an emergency in extreme cold weather in winter time and when the heater is not working due to mechanical malfunction. If your gas or electric is shut off for non-payment of your bill, call your electric or gas provider.

No Electricity in your Apartment
Blown fuses are not considered after-hours emergencies. Partial outages do not constitute an emergency. If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell like it is burning, turn off the switch or unplug items from the outlet and turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse.

Air Conditioning
If the air conditioning has been on for longer than 3 hours and it fails to cool the apartment to below 80 degrees, then this is an emergency and a portable a/c unit can be made available. Please be reminded that it can take several hours to cool down an apartment if the a/c has been off and it is a hot day. In order to keep your apartment cool, you will need to keep the a/c on all day. If your a/c units leak water, please place a towel below the leak and submit a work order request to be addressed the next business. Polo Villas cannot be responsible for furniture damage due to leaks.

Flooding of your Apartment
Call immediately if there is risk of damage to possessions or the property and you cannot contain the leak.

Fire Call 911 first!!
Then call us. Total Stoppage of the Plumbing Drain System If your plumbing drain system ceases to work, none of your sinks, tubs or toilets will function properly. The stoppage of one toilet or drain when other bathrooms are functional is not an emergency.

Any other "Life-Safety" or "Property Protection" issues arising from storm damage or criminal damage to the property.

The following are NOT considered after hours emergencies and will be addressed during normal business hours after submitting a request using the online maintenance request form:

No Hot Water in Your Apartment
This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there has been no hot water for an extended period of time: days not hours. In the event of no hot water, and it is not during normal business hours, we may be unable to repair the problem in as timely a manner as we would like, so please be resourceful in the meantime.

Clogged or Backed Up Toilet
This may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is only one toilet in the unit AND you have made every effort, including plunging, to clear the stoppage yourself. In any case, turn off the valve behind the toilet, shut the lid and clean up any mess - due to health issues, maintenance will generally not begin work until the area is cleaned up and essentially free of bacterial contaminants.

Refrigerator/Freezer Failing to Cool/Freeze
If your refrigerator or freezer fails, and it is after business hours, please submit a maintenance request right away. If maintenance is available, and has access to a portable refrigerator, one will be provided. Again, this is not a guarantee. Please be proactive and locate ice and a cooler to preserve your food. We cannot be responsible for spoiled food.

Noise Complaints or Security Issues
Please contact the police @ 911. If the problem is not serious enough to involve the police, we would still like to know about it so that we can address the issue properly. Please leave us a voice message or email, describing the problem in detail.

Assigned Parking Space Disputes
Please take a photo of any unauthorized vehicle in your space, then email it to us so that the car can be immediately tagged and towed. If it is after these hours, let us know during normal business hours so that we can address the issue properly.

Apartment Lockout Policy:

If residents lose their key or become locked out of their apartment, the following options are available:

1. During posted normal business hours (excluding holidays) residents may come to the main office for assistance. There is no fee for the first request for management to assist you in gaining access to your apartment when the fob has been misplaced or is missing, but a $50.00 fee will be charged for any subsequent request. We cannot guarantee that the office will always be open during business hours as the manager is often elsewhere on the property. Residents must provide proof of identity before being allowed entry into the apartment. There will be a fee for any replacement key provided.

2. After normal business hours, but prior to 10:00 p.m., residents may contact the emergency phone number at (661) 589-6566, press 2, and a staff member, if available, will open the door. A callback number must be left so that the staff member can speak to the resident prior to opening the door. Proof of identity must be provided at the time of service. There will be a $50.00 fee charged for this service. Please understand that this service is provided as a convenience to residents and that a staff member may not always be available to provide this service after normal business hours.

3. After 10:00 p.m., no lock out service is provided and residents have the option of calling V&R Locksmith at (661) 809-4767 at residents own cost and expense. Additionally, any damage to the premises or duplication of keys will be at the residents own cost and expense. No alterations to the locks are permitted.

The electronic deadbolts are equipped with a highly visible, red low-battery indicator light. Residents are responsible for submitting a maintenance request as soon as the red low battery indicator light comes on. Polo Villas cannot be responsible for locks which fail to operate due to a dead battery that has not been reported. Please note, there is sufficient time between when the low battery light first comes on and when the battery finally dies. A quick solution for a dead deadbolt battery is to hold a 9 volt battery up to the fob pad and give it a quick charge which should provide enough power to get the door open.

Updated May 30, 2022